A Kriegspiel problem from Anderson's Are there any?

The Chess Book that Bobby Fischer Stole

What book would arguably the greatest player in the world so desperately want to get his hands on  that he’d commit larceny?

Are there any book
Are there any? A chess problem book by G. F. Anderson. Not pretty to behold, but the once object of Bobby Fischer’s desire.

Give up?

G. F. Anderson’s Are there any. A chess problem book.

Robert C. Stephenson, a for member of the British Chess Problem Society, explains around the time of publication of the book that he had to write to Anderson:

“I write because I must have another copy of Are There Any? I had solved only up into the thirties when last night I incautiously carried it down to the Marshall Club to show it to Jack Collins. Then, seeing it in Jack’s hands, Bobby Fischer pounced upon it in great excitement and before the evening was over the two of them had so made it theirs, were so comically oblivious of the mere owner, that I hadn’t the heart to explain that I had brought it to show, not to bestow.”’

In the same article,  Michael McDowell went on to say that Anderson’s 1959 book Are There Any? 


Inscription by G. F. Anderson

“is a fascinating collection of Kriegspiel problems. I am not aware of any other reference to Fischer showing a direct interest in the composition side of chess (as opposed to Benko setting him problems to solve).”

This rare copy is  offered for sale, signed and inscribed in the year of publication by G. F. Anderson for $750.

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