Collection of wartime and post-war pamphlets on worker’s rights, Judaism, and communism

mayday in the atomic ageJust in: a small collection of fascinating pamphlets on worker’s rights, unions, communism and Judaism published from 1939-1950, just as the McCarthy era was gathering a full head of steam (did I say steam? as in hot air?).

Things like this are inevitable better shown laid out across a table, so here is the closest approximation I can contrive:

The War and the Working Class of the Capitalist Countries
Eugene Dennis Indicts the Wall Street Conspirators
Program for Survival. The Communist Position on the Jewish Question
Jobs, Peace, Unity
A Letter to American Workers
The Free press. Portrait of a Monopoly
The Strike Situation and Organized Labor's Wage and Job Strategy
Production for Victory
Communists on the Waterfront. The Story of the Communists on the Waterfronts of America. Who they are... What they did... What they believe
What Price Profits?
The Cartel System
History of May Day
>How Wall Street Picks your Pocket
Post-War Jobs for Veterans, Negroes, Women
Working Class Unity-Bulwark Against Fascism. The Fascist Offensive and the Tasks of the Communist International in the Fight
Tax relief for whom -- the needy or the greedy?
Organized Labor in the Soviet Union
The Coal Miners, Their Problems in War & Peace
Anti-semitism. Weapon of Fascism
A Message to American Jewry
The Jewish People Face the Post-War World
March for Peace, May 1, 1948
Jewish Culture in America. Weapon for Jewish Survival and Progress
Labor Unions in the Far East
Henry Wallace Says 'Increase Wages out of Profits!'
May Day in the Atomic Age - 1946
Build the Anti-Imperialist Student Movement


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